What is Weapons Trafficking?

Weapons (or arms) trafficking is the illegal trafficking and smuggling of any type of illicit weapon or ammunition. This does not include the legal process of obtaining firearms for private use or for military procurement. Irresponsible arms deals lead to the violation of human rights by mobs, rebels, drug lords, and a whole slue of other criminals. Arms trafficking aids crime and terrorism, making peacekeeping missions difficult as they are faced with armed violence, conflict, and civil unrest that lead to violations of international law, including the abuse of the rights of civilians and increasing casualties.

The most important issue for arms trade is currently there is no set of internationally agreed upon standards to ensure weapons are transferred only for appropriate use. The laws that impact arms trafficking vary widely throughout the world. Though some nations have laws and regulation regarding the sale of arms to certain countries, there is no hard set of laws to regulate the exchange of weapons internationally. Therefore arms trafficking continues without any regulation, aiding those who wish to cause harm to innocent individuals.

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