Nestle Committed to Eliminating Child Labor

Forced labor and child labor is a long-standing issue in cocoa production worldwide. This year Nestlé is taking steps to eradicate the use of forced labor and child labor in its cocoa supply chain, beginning with an independent investigation conducted

Devastation in US Border Towns: US Arms Trafficking to Mexican Cartels


The extensive trafficking between Mexico and the United States is not simply limited to large amounts of drugs. A pattern of arms trafficking has developed, moving across the border from the United States to Mexico. From 2007 to 2011 the

An Incredible Documentary Series on Modern Day Slavery in Asia


Filmmakers from the company Good Morning Beautiful, produced by Radio Free Asia, have put together an incredible documentary series covering modern-day slavery in Asia. The  short documentaries are a beautiful portrayal of the harrowing stories of trafficking victims and their

Trafficking Highway into Sinai

A trafficking highway has developed through Sudan’s refugee camps into the Sinai desert and Eritrea. Arms are delivered along this highway to Sinai to militants and ransom-seeking gangs. Eritrea is a country in extreme poverty. Despite this, the country rejects

Underground Trafficking: Drugs Enter US from Mexico via Tunnels

As the war on drugs continues to wage on against traffickers and users, federal and local officials begin to uncover new ways drugs are being funneled into prime locations such as the United States – tunnels. Tunnels under the border

City Targeting Cab Drivers Involved in Sex Trafficking


The involvement of cab drivers in sex trafficking has been questioned by authorities and advocates for several years now. Now New York City is taking active steps to discourage this involvement. New York’s City Council will be raising the fines

Annual Trafficking in Persons Report Released


The annual Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report for 2011 was published last week by the US Department of State. The TIP report is “the world’s most comprehensive resource of governmental anti-human trafficking efforts.” (CNN, June 2012) Contained in the report

California to Vote on Harsher Punishment for Traffickers

case act

In California, the 2012 election year brings a new opportunity for voters to improve trafficking laws with the CASE Act. The CASE Act, named for Californians Against Sexual Exploitation, is a partnership of California Against Slavery and Safer California Foundation

Increase in Illegal Body Parts Sales in Europe


The illegal sale of organs and other body parts has recently increased in Europe due to the economic crisis. Generally the black market for organs is most abundant in China, India, brazil, and the Philippines, yet recently the black market

Brazil Joins UNODC to Document Cases of Human Trafficking

amnesty-international-modern-slavery-human-trafficking - Copy

This week Brazil committed to supporting UNODC’s Human Trafficking Case Law Database. The database is a collection of documented proceedings involving human trafficking. By the end of 2012, Brazil plans to have at least 50 proceedings documented (UNODC, June 2012).